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Monopoly and Vinyl Sheet Flooring

​​"I look to my left, and like a drunken sailor, my ten month old is rumbling and tumbling in the living room. At any minute the he might just fall and cut his knee on our ancient splintered cottage hardwood floor..."  Read More

Let Dad Be Dad In The Kitchen

Last Father’s Day my mom and I decided to re-design our kitchen. That is because my Dad was going to be in the kitchen a whole lot more now that my mother was working full time. Read more

Camouflage Flooring To The Rescue 

"We forgot to clean the living room and left a trail of dust and dirt on the floor. In my head, all I can picture is the mess we left and the impression I was going to make."

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Cottage Peace of Mind and My Dog

"Despite its solitude and tranquility, I know my cottage comes with certain stresses that can be predicted, but not always avoided."

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