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Gone are the days...

We know our lifestyle will not slow down nor reverse to simpler times so the formal dining room had to take on a new look and a new purpose.   Read More

New Senso Adjust. Sensational Flooring You Can Easily Install Yourself!​

No Glue! No clicking planks together!
Just remove backing paper and adhere plank to subfloor.

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The Look of Wood, The Ease of Vinyl

When you start researching an upcoming bathroom renovation there are many sources of inspiration. But sometimes the easiest source of inspiration is your own home!   Read More

Creating The Perfect Playroom

The physical space is more important than the toys that go into it. Read More

Let Dad Be Dad In The Kitchen

Last Father’s Day my mom and I decided to re-design our kitchen. That is because my Dad was going to be in the kitchen a whole lot more now that my mother was working full time. Read more

Wow Canada, You Don't Look 149 Years Old! 

Celebrate Canada Day Indoors and Outdoors With Vinyl Flooring​ ​Read More

How To Decorate For Halloween

Spooky decorations are in order, but how to keep them tasteful and aligned with the rest of your decor?  

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Decisions, decisions, decisions...

In the 20 years I have worked with home owners and offered interior consultations, color is by far the biggest challenge for most people. ​ ​Read More

Vinyl Flooring Flooded In Nursing Home "It was a successful installment. The floors looked great and the residents found the new floors more comfortable than the previous ones. However, this Gerflor Sheet Vinyl installment would soon be tested." ​​  ​Read More

Vinyl Flooring: Perfect for a Child's Study Area

As a mother of three children I am continuously looking for ways to help make homework easier on everyone. One way I’ve done this, is by creating a clean and comfortable environment to study and play at home Read More

Which Floor is Best for Kitchens?

"There are so many flooring choices available for your kitchen. But which floor is the best option?  Read More

Pet Friendly Design Solutions

To avoid chaos at home and maintain harmony, here are the best design solutions that stand up to both man and beast. Read More

Dad's Have Their Say In Kitchens:

Tough stainless steel, vinyl flooring and wood finishes!

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