Wash with water and a neutral detergent. It is pretty easy.


Gerflor GFT Sheet flooring is there for you when you need it. Easy to maintain. Keeps looking beautiful. Provides cushioned comfort.


Gerflor lets kids be kids and parents be unfazed. Crayons, spills and rolling toys. They are not a problem with Gerflor.


Kids with boundless energy are right

at home on Gerflor flooring


Gerflor pleases in 2 ways.  It is both

a genuinely beautiful floor and a amazingly practical floor.


Gerflor's nature inspired floors are beautiful and soothing. Many patterns and designs to please you.


If you have a pet, you know accidents happen.  

With Gerflor you can forgive and forget because they are easy to clean up and your floor will  look as good as new.

Benefits of Gerflor's Exceptional Vinyl Flooring

Gerflor Vinyl Flooring is...


Many unforgettable first moments,

like a baby's first steps, happen on a Gerflor GFT Floor. And the only thing you should be focused on is the 'moment'.  Gerflor worry free flooring lets you be you. 


Gerflor GFT is a premium Resilient Floor conceived to resist the demands of all members of your household.

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 In The Kitchen

Lots of stuff happens in he kitchen and lands on the floor.Whether its tomatoes or wine, hot sauce or mustard, it all wipes clean.


If your ceramic has cracked or your hardwood expanded from humidity, be reassured Gerflor will not crack and not be adversely affected by water. Gerflor GFT is also mould and mildew resistant.


Bliss is the time your world is right and the people and things around you make perfect sense

Gerflor new generation residential Vinyl Flooring


Bulldogs are not for everyone and neither is Gerflor.

However Gerflor is a pet friendly floor that is both practical and beautiful.


Gerflor stands the test of time. Over the years our bodies change but Gerflor is designed for the particular challenges of every generation.