Gerflor new generation residential Vinyl Flooring

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About Senso Adjust

Q. What is the warranty for Senso?
A. Senso Lock  has a 12 year warranty. Senso Adjust has a 10 year warranty.

Full details of the guarantee can be obtained by contacting Gerflor Customer Service.

Q. Can wheelchairs go on Senso?
A. Yes, as wheelchair wheels are made with medical grade rubber, they can go on Senso without any damage to the floor.

Q. Will Senso cope with wear and tear from pets?
A. Yes, as long as pets with long claws aren’t repeatedly digging in one spot, Senso will not be affected by your pet, and cleaning fur and mess will be made easier.

Q. What if I get a stain on my Senso flooring?
A. Most stains can be removed using a damp cloth with Eucalyptus Oil. Never use abrasive pads or cleaners, strong alkaline detergents, ammonia, chlorine detergents or undiluted bleaches. Always wipe spills away immediately with a damp cloth or sponge.

Q. What if I put rubber on Senso?
A. Do not put waxed or rubber products in prolonged contact with your floor as this will cause a permanent stain. This includes rubber backed mats, low cost shoes, and rubber stoppers for furniture. Use an alternative such as fabric stoppers to protect your Senso flooring.

Q. Is Senso warm underfoot?
A. Yes, Senso is warmer underfoot than other flooring options such as ceramic tiles, and is second only to carpet for underfoot warmth.

Q. How do I protect my Senso floor when moving heavy furniture?
A. As with all types of flooring, dragging a heavy item such as a refrigerator will damage the product. When moving furniture ensure you use a roller trolley and move item carefully.

Senso Lock, Senso Dryback and Senso Adjust each have different Installation instructions.
Please follow the instructions carefully to achieve your desired result.

Download Senso Lock here
Download Senso Adjust here

Senso Lockand Senso Adjust each have different Maintenance instructions.
Please follow the instructions carefully to maintain your flooring and keep it beautiful.

Download Senso Lock here
Download Senso Adjust here

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Q. What format does Senso come in?
A. Senso Lock is a lock together vinyl plank. Senso Adjust is a removable vinyl plank with an integrated tackifier.

Q. What if my flooring will be in direct sunlight?
A. Senso Lock will need to be glued down in areas where the flooring is subject to heat and sunlight. Senso Adjust is not recommended for rooms with direct sunlight. Curtains or blinds are required to diffuse the light.

Q. Which range is best if I am renting?
A. Senso Adjust or Senso Lock, due to the looselay, removable nature of the planks.

Q. Is Senso suitable for any part of my home?
A. Yes, Senso can be installed in any indoor room of the house.  Kitchens, Basements, Bathrooms, Kids bedrooms, Entrance ways, Studies, Lofts are favorite spaces for Gerflor flooring.  Gerflor flooring is ideal for wet rooms because they are water resistant, high activity rooms because they are durable and easy to maintain and large spaces becauses they are affordable and available in large sheet formats.  

Q. Can Senso go in wet areas?
A. Senso is water resistant and is ideal for wet areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and toilets. The product can’t be installed in the shower base.

Q. Will Senso perform in my home and withstand general wear and tear?
A. Yes it will. Senso is engineered to ensure it meets the needs of the most demanding households.

Q. Can I install Senso in a commercial application such as a café, shop or restaurant?
A. No, Senso is purely for residential use.

Q. Can I put Senso outside?
A. Senso is for indoor use only.

Q. Can Senso planks/tiles be installed on walls?
A. Senso Dryback cannot be installed on walls. Senso Adjust and Senso Lock are designed for horizontal surfaces only.

Q. Is Senso hygienic?
A. Senso’s polyurethane surface treatment creates a barrier against dirt and harmful bacteria. It is an ideal choice for those with allergies, or prone to asthma.

Q. Is Senso quiet to walk on?
A. Yes. Senso is much quieter than hardwood  floors, laminates and tiles, therefore ideal for apartments, multi-storey dwelling and corridors. Senso is perfect for re-covering hard and noisy floors.

Q. Can I put Senso in my garage?
A. This depends on your use of your garage. If it is a play room without cars the product is fine. If cars are constantly driving in and out and sitting on the product for extended periods of time, eventually the car tyres will stain and damage the floor.