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senso adjust - repositionable flooring

Gerflor 13' Sheets

‘Here is why we like vinyl… It is super durable. Super low profile so you do not compromise ceiling height.

Also mould and mildew resistant. Also a DIY product.’

*In this #askScott segment Scott is referencing both Gerflor Senso Lock flooring and Gerflor Senso Adjust Repositionable flooring.  

New generation Gerflor Vinyl Flooring is changing the way homeowners look at flooring.

​​Gerflor Flooring is both practical and beautiful. Vivid colors. Unparalleled durability. Easy maintenance. Fast installation.

Long lasting beauty. Gerflor flooring is mould and mildew resistant, pet friendly and can be installed in unheated cottages. 

Pet Friendly Styles

Gerflor Luxury Tiles

Gerflor Luxury Planks

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New and Exciting Senso Adjust Vinyl Flooring

​​Extremely easy to install Repositionable Planks and Tiles

Surprise your child this September! Install Senso Adjust in your child’s bedroom or downstairs playroom.

Send your child on a play date for the afternoon.

Install Senso Adjust in your child’s playroom or Bedroom over existing hard surface flooring in 2 hours or less.*  No glue. No clicking. No smell. No residue. If you make a mistake, simply lift the plank and reposition it. It is that easy. Watch the Senso Adjust video above to see for yourself.

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Gerflor flooring can be laid without glue over many existing floors. Gerflor can also be removed after a flood and then reinstalled. We make our Gerflor flooring work hard so you can relax.

More and more dealers from  across Canada are recommending Gerflor flooring because of its beauty and its many benefits.

Have questions about Gerflor flooring? Click here.We love getting back to our visitors. 

Tools required:  
- Tape measure to calculate square footage required.  
- Square edge and utility knife to cut the planks or tiles.  

Senso Adjust is comfortable underfoot, easy to clean and water-tight.

Senso Adjust is available in planks or tiles and can only be purchased at
participating Gerflor Dealers

*Estimate 15 sq. metres or 160 sq. feet per hour.
Install over existing smooth, level hardwood, finished plywood, good condition vinyl flooring, concrete and ceramic.