Gerflor new generation residential Vinyl Flooring

Looking to simplify and beautify? Want to reduce your stress levels? New Gerflor vinyl flooring may be part of the answer. In Canada our reality is: 1. Kids forget to take off their shoes, 2. Dogs love to run in from the rain, 3.Basements flood because of storms, 4.Power cuts off and temperatures in homes and cottages can crash to -30C, 5.Sometimes we just want a beautiful comfortable floor that is easy to maintain, and, 6.Sometimes we just need a floor that is easy to install.   Part of the answer to your reality just might be beautiful Gerflor flooring.

How To Simplify and Beautify Your Life with new  Gerflor Vinyl Flooring

New generation Gerflor Vinyl Flooring is changing the way homeowners look at flooring.

​​Gerflor Flooring is both practical and beautiful. Vivid colors. Unparalleled durability. Easy maintenance. Fast installation.

Long lasting beauty. Gerflor flooring is mould and mildew resistant, pet friendly and can be installed in unheated cottages. 

Pet Friendly Styles

Gerflor Flooring Available In...

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Gerflor flooring can be laid without glue over many existing floors. Gerflor can also be removed after a flood and then reinstalled. We make our Gerflor flooring work hard so you can relax.

More and more dealers from  across Canada are recommending Gerflor flooring because of its beauty and its many benefits.

Have questions about Gerflor flooring? Click here.We love getting back to our visitors. 

PREPARE FOR WINTER: Canadian winters can cut power to homes & cottages. Winters can also unleash spring floods.

​Gerflor HQR may be the answer to humid and flooded basements. Simply lift up, dry and relay these floors without glue.

Gerflor 13' Sheets

Gerflor HQR will not crack or lift when temperatures dip below zero in your home or cottage. In case of flooding lift, dry and re-lay your Gerflor HQR floor.  Gerflor HQR may be the answer to your wet basement.

Gerflor Luxury Tiles

​​Gerflor Luxury Planks

Senso Clic 55. Gorgeous Gerflor Vinyl planks click together help create high impact spaces.